Does Paper Burn in the Future?
Sure looks like it to me… I’m sure we’ll give it a jolly good go!
Here are some designs for a futuristic terrace house. Made from 100% cheapo paper and totally flammable or your money back.

Wildfire Has Been Steam Greenlit!
Hello all! Its been a while. We just received message today from Valve that Wildfire Words has been Steam Greenlit! Yay!What does this mean? It means we can get our game into the Steam Early Access program = loads more eyeballs on Wildfire = we can keep the madness going! And thats what its all about… madness!

What Else Have We been Up To?

Well, the game has taken all kinds of directions since we last spoke to the world. We have almost finished a much larger city. And we’ve made most of the assets for two new eras. Here are some images to gawk at. More to follow:-


Victorian houses.

Steam Greenlight

We have submitted Wildfire to Steam Greenlight. Getting on Steam is important for many reasons. Mainly because Steam is *the* place for PC games.


If you like Wildfire and have a Steam account, please show us your support by clicking on the Greenlight logo above and giving Wildfire a thumbs up! We would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

Chicago… Here We Come!
Here’s some of the early artwork for the 1930s Chicago theme! Thats right… stupid hats, tommy guns, gangs, prostitutes and rampant alcoholism. The perfect setting for a lovely riot!

Petrochemicals… Gotta Love the Stuff!
With fire having made an appearance, it stands to reason petrol would follow. Because you simply cant have a proper riot without petrol. So, we’ve painstakingly crafted this wonderful little building.Run your little madmen through the forecourt to replenish your fuel supply. This is quite an event for us. This is the first building in Wildfire Worlds you *dont* want to tear to the ground. Petrol is your friend. You must cherish it, for it will bring you great warmth. It also paves the way for some Molotov fun… so expect some of that in the near future!
Moving on, we have… Fountains! Sounds real exciting, right? Well… it is. When you’re on fire it’s just about the most glorious thing you could ever ask for! After the cruelty of introducing fire and watching the paper people burn for a week or two, we’ve decided to do something for them. We are kind and loving gods. We don’t really want to kill them. Oh no. We want to burn them over and over again.

We Bring the Heat Once Again
Fresh out of the Wildfire cauldron, we have released v0.033. With it come some fun new bits.

We have worked on fire some more. You now have to earn the good stuff by smashing up the town. No more free supply! The more damage you do, the more fire you get to cook the place. We’ve also got the fire service in there. They are monstrously efficient so dont expect your pretty pyrotechnics to last long.  Existing customers with at least v0.030 installed can update the game via the auto patcher. Simply run Wildfire and follow the instructions. Check out the change log in the dev forum for full details.

Burn London… Buuuurn!

Great Scott we’ve done it! In the latest alpha build ( v0.030 ) Pre-order customers now have flames glorious flames! Fireproofing the tabletop proved to be rather tricky. As was convincing the pieces of cardboard that the hot stuff wont hurt. Too bad for them. It’s in there now and it’s staying there. Grab it now from your members area.

It’s early days for fire. We’ve just got it all wired up and are having fun watching everything burn. We’ve set up a special fire level and given you a supply of the good stuff to play with. Please experiment. Tell us what you think via the forums. This is only the first stage… get stuff to burn and fire to spread. Next is adding a Fire Service and various environmental objects that work with fire. For example a water fountain… which we we’re going to put in there right now, but decided to wait a while. We wanted to watch the screaming little flaming rectangles running around with nowhere to go… for just a little longer.

Also in the update is an in-game auto patcher. So from here on, hopefully you wont need to keep downloading the full aplha with every update.

Waffling with SixthAxis

Mr Tefon of came down to our corner of Soho to discuss Wildfire and where we are going with it. It was a fun few hours. Lots of waffling… mainly from James.

Here’s an amusing excerpt. Click on the logo for the full kahuna version.

“I have several times now reached the point where all the buildings were destroyed, with plant life gradually consuming them. At this point I’ve “won”, with anarchists milling around all over the place, slowly getting bored of life until their heads explode. Except the battle wasn’t actually over, as I spotted a handful of gun and grenade wielding rozzers still battling against the roving hordes.

It was a moment so brilliantly surreal, the first time I saw it, that I just sat and watched as this handful of veritable John McClanes endlessly backpedaled, popping heads and chucking grenades until all my little hell raisers had either been killed or died of boredom. Now it’s part of my end-game ritual to take my hand off the reigns of my mob of thousands and scroll around the map to see what else is happening, and watch some grizzly coppers fighting to the last man. It’s all part of the undeniable charm and ties in with the irreverent sense of humour in the game.”

Flanking… A Riots Best Friend

We’ve added some bits and bobs to the alpha build today. Version 0.028.

Playbook/Path mode. We’ve added the ability to direct your lunatics along paths. Perfect for flanking the populous. Quite handy against the over zealous police that occupy our little slice of London. James has chucked together a video, showing him having a mess around with playbook mode:-

We also toned down the difficulty on the London in Balance level. It was proving rather difficult for our trainee riot masters!

Members visit the Dev forum for a full list of changes.

Recipe for a Riot!

How do you get a proper riot going in Wildfire? We have cooked up a recipe video to take you through the process. From the early days, involving you taking a beating ( several times ) right through to full on chaos. Enjoy!

Banners? … Wassat all about then?

In the current alpha, the banners are quite rudimentary. A piece of card stuck to half a matchstick. Although, we thought long and hard about what to put on them. We decided on a small selection of letters that formed some relevant words. For example, “kucf”.

But, long term, we have more elaborate designs in mind for the banners. Colourful flags being the obvious choice. Plus some messages to the opposing forces of Wildfire Worlds. Messages of defiance, rebellion, freedom… and a whole lot of stabbing at anything we at Dot Product get annoyed by regularly.

How do banners affect gameplay? Banners get put up as any group under your control grows. Nothing gets a rebellion going like a good banner! Your mob will be faster. Kick harder. Shout louder! The larger the mob, the more banners, the funkier the action. If your numbers dwindle or you stop being hands on with them, the banners fall, and with them the perks they bring.

In a nutshell…. Banners rock! If you want them, then get a bigger posse bro.

Petri Dish Fun! … and some nice press.

People ask us what Wildfire is all about. It’s a difficult question to answer. I like to refer to it as a “civil toybox”. I like to pretend its not all about disorder and carnage. “It’s a little toy town you can poke and laugh at”… I say. But after attempting to make a video highlighting some of the play on a small petri dish style level, it’s hard to argue… it *is* about disorder and carnage. The following level is part of the current alpha build and available to play to all free members. Grab the alpha and see if you can get rid of everybody and return the place to nature and tranquillity!

Pus, we’ve had some nice coverage today from one of our favoretest websites ever.

“It’s very interesting, this game: it gives you the tools to commit violence on a terrible scale, but then, abstraction aside, it won’t really let you shy away from the virtual consequences. It allows you to be creatively horrible, but then ensures you won’t forget how horrible your creativity has been. A few hours back, I’d found a truly brilliant tactic for gathering recruits, for example: I’d corner groups of pedestrians in a little cul-de-sac and then refuse to let them leave, steadily winning them all over to my cause by force. When I then wobbled off with a gang in tow in order to get back to that power station I was eager to kick to pieces, I realised the cul-de-sac was actually a quiet corner of a school playground.”

Newsflash! … Games developer runs late…

Ok. So, we jumped the gun a touch. It happens. The alpha is ready to go… its a bunch of other annoying/boring stuff that’s getting in the way. Hosting problems. Forum problems. How to take your money problems. But we’re not far at all from having it all lined up and ready to go. Bear with us.

So… When will we release? We dont know for sure.  But we can confidently say we are close. We’ll keep you all posted as often as we can.

Thanks again for your support. 🙂

Almost Time to Release the Hounds!

We bring you good news, fellow anarchists! We have pencilled in January 11th 2013 as the release date for the paid alpha.


Price? We are planning a tier system with 4 or 5 levels. The price for tier 1 will be $15. We are as yet undecided on the perks for each tier. All will be clear by the 11th.

All levels will provide access to the game in it’s current alpha state and all updates from then on. We will also be sharing development test levels and hope to discuss progress with the players via a private forum exclusively for paid users.

What will be in the alpha? Finally the chance to ruin the little town you’ve been admiring in the tech demo… or at least, trying to. No burning to begin with, but carnage none the less. From then on, we plan to update often and build on the systems already in pace. We cant wait to show you all the fun stuff we have planned!

Strange goings on in the Basement

We could hear some strange rattles and thumps coming from the Wildfire testing room… usually at night. Our cctv cameras have captured some unexplained phenomena.

What is it? What’s it doing? More importantly, what’s getting beamed into our little world without our permission? Better not be more bankers. We’ve all had enough of them lot…

Let’s let our little invader materialize and see what we can do with him.

A Sprinkling of Disorder Hits the Tech Demo!

A new build of the tech-demo is upon us. Go to the Download section to grab a copy, including Mac!  We have made some tweaks to the citizen AI. Well, maybe not “tweaks”…. more like “corruptions”. We have given the police a bit of work to do.  Some low level crime just to get them started. Once they have burnt off all the donuts, it’ll be time for some more strenuous activity.

Oi! I was gonna “inspire” her, you cheeky bastard.

Our Wildfire Words bankers are getting suspicious. They know something is looming and it’s not good… for them. And right they are too, the tossers. This morning, one cheeky individual made a run for it. Poor little sod had no idea of the horrors that awaited him at… the tables edge. *shudder *

Anyway, not only does this git try to escape… but he takes with him the best looking bit of cardboard you ever saw in your life. Remy took 6 weeks perfecting the pertness of her corners.

Lets see him outrun a Molotov…

Guy Fawkes… What A Man!

Guy  would have loved it in Wildfire Worlds. He would have won. We would have made sure of it.

Not only won… but won magnificently. He would have garnered a cult following. Inspired our little square victims to embrace the flame. Hold it close to their low grade paper bodies. Burn slowly and sing about it as they go. That’s how a man like Guy Fawkes would roll in Wildfire Worlds.

Knowing full well our labs are not quite ready for full on fire effects, especially after the last “incident”…. we decided to not give a shit and release the fire gene into the world once again, in memory of the great man himself, Guy Fawkes.


Oh dear…

My Little Pony

Being unruly is no fun with out the ruly – its the ying and and the yang that makes them so spicey! I have been listening to too much Adam Buxton reading out comments from youtube… he’s in my head.

We are working on cops and low level naughty people!

Love you, bye!