Spread like Wildfire!

Wildfire is a game being lovingly crafted by us: Dot Product. We are still developing Wildfire and are currently at an early alpha stage. If you like what you see and want to have a play of our current alpha, grab a Pre Order on PC and Mac. Linux version planned.
Watch our cute paper toy society go about its daily business! See the inhabitants scuttle around doing people stuff! Now chuck a large spanner in there and cause chaos. Inspired by the oppression and austerity driven riots throughout the world. We’ll give you a near endless supply of angry disgruntled lunatics and you can have a go at bringing down the status quo. Inspire/infect the population with your riotous ideas and keep the revolution going.

Of course, the state will not take kindly to you smashing the place up. The Police will come after you with big sticks and lots of grunting. Engineers will fix up all your wonderful damage. Medics will un-inspire those converted to your cause, turning them back into brainless sheepies. Annoying fire-fighters putting out the pretty flames. We have plans for many more!And when the landscape is littered with charred ruins, what then? Watch plants grow and reclaim the ruins. Animals thrive in the wake of your destruction and the circle of life continues. Eventually ( after a bit of lunch ) a new thriving environment will be born and you can f**k that up as well. We at Dot Product don’t believe in “Game Over”. It’s never over. It just keeps on giving.Lovingly hand crafted and made from recycled paper, cheap imported plastics and unstable batteries, Wildfire Worlds allows you to fold against the dotted lines and burn it all down.
Currently, we have a slice of paper craft London we are using as the play ground. Existing features in the Alpha include:-

    • Fire! We have made inroads into having a nice fire system. Fire spreads around the city. We’ve also introduced petrol stations to re-supply your lunatics with fire juice.
    • Full fire service. These guys have their stations and will come out in their turbo charged fire trucks and seriously mess with your pretty flame stuff.
    • Full day to night cycle. Bright days. Dark nights. The town has its typical routine. Morning/Evening rush hour. Lunch time coffee in the park. People working. Playing. Bumming around. All home in the evening in time for crappy TV and a ready meal.
    • Police. Watch out for coppers! They don’t like you at all. Commit any crimes and a police van will be screeching up in no time!
    • Engineers. Are at their happiest fixing up the town, which it totally not helpful.
    • Power. We have power stations and sub-stations. Take them out and the night time plunges into darkness! Darkness is a riots best friend.
    • Various control options. The ability to control your mob directly or plot out paths.


  • More levels! With all the recent additions we feel it’s time to construct some more levels to showcase the features a bit more.
  • Gamification! We will scoring many elements. Building damage. Deaths. Fire damage. Carbon footprint. Speed. With scores come leaderboards. Lets see who the real riot-masters are!
  • Pubs. What would London be without some Pubs, eh? Pick your time of attack wisely. The London Pub can sometimes contain fearsome beasts.
  • Time to rebuild. We are really keen to get the “cycle of life” thing going on. We want the environment to start growing back after it’s become nothing but forest and ruins. We want a new, improved city. With tougher police and better trained engineers. How many eras can you ruin before you finally get stopped?
  • New themes. We don’t just want to ruin London. We will spare no expense bringing you a myriad of totally unconnected locale. Next up is 1930’s Chicago!
  • More Wild Beasties! We want more animals. Real, mythical and extinct. After all, how can we get the cycle of life going, without dinosaurs, right? Because without dinosaurs shitting everywhere we would have no people. Makes sense right? Don’t worry, it will soon enough!
Keep an eye on our BLOG and FORUM for up to date info on Wildfire development. Thanks for reading!