About Dot Product

Dot Product is a collection of the greatest minds in video games. People responsible for games so cool you cant possibly have heard of them. Basically… 3 grim old feckers who dig video games and anarchy + some younger more energetic types to make us look good.

James – After 170 years experience in 3D animation and dealing with media darlings, James has decided to try his hand at something far more immature.

Miles – Disillusioned 40 something coder gimp, who is always just a few moments away from killing:-

Mike – An artist apparently. Although you would never know it looking at the state of him.

Janon – A brain wrapped in an enigma covered in hot sauce

Remy – Having studied Anatomy for years and become the best modeller this side of the 49th parallel we waste his time with this nonsense, soon he will have his revenge.

Milian – Well on his way to becoming the coolest Animation Director in the world, Milian spends his summer mucking about with bits of card and giving them life.

If you have any questions or have anything to say, drop us an email. We’ll respond as quickly as we can.Give us a poke at : wildfireworlds @ gmail . com

You can also reach us via:-
YouTube: video sharing Twitter Facebook: social networking

Smoke signals welcome. We get on the roof and check each day at 16:15 on the dot.


About Dot Product — 1,187 Comments

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