Waffling with SixthAxis

Mr Tefon of TheSixthAxis.com came down to our corner of Soho to discuss Wildfire and where we are going with it. It was a fun few hours. Lots of waffling… mainly from James.

Here’s an amusing excerpt. Click on the logo for the full kahuna version.

“I have several times now reached the point where all the buildings were destroyed, with plant life gradually consuming them. At this point I’ve “won”, with anarchists milling around all over the place, slowly getting bored of life until their heads explode. Except the battle wasn’t actually over, as I spotted a handful of gun and grenade wielding rozzers still battling against the roving hordes.

It was a moment so brilliantly surreal, the first time I saw it, that I just sat and watched as this handful of veritable John McClanes endlessly backpedaled, popping heads and chucking grenades until all my little hell raisers had either been killed or died of boredom. Now it’s part of my end-game ritual to take my hand off the reigns of my mob of thousands and scroll around the map to see what else is happening, and watch some grizzly coppers fighting to the last man. It’s all part of the undeniable charm and ties in with the irreverent sense of humour in the game.”

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