Mike is not dead!!!

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Mike is not dead!!!

Postby Duecez » 12 Oct 2015 00:17

I just sent an email in to the Wildfire account this morning asking about the status of the game, believing that Mike had passed away, and asked about the release of the source or a map editor.

Well, I got a response back within two hours, from Mike!

"Hi Dyan

Not really sure how the rumor of my passing got started. Im certainly alive and well. Internet chinese whispers I guess.

Wildfire is on hold and will be for some time yet. Not sure what the future holds. The team are all working on different projects. We don't want to release the source until we are all certain that none of us want to continue.

Sorry I cant be more helpful.

From the dead

Even though the game is on hold, this is wonderful news! There's still hope!
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Re: Mike is not dead!!!

Postby keyers » 20 Dec 2015 10:00

I was wondering what had happened. Thanks for the update.
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Re: Mike is not dead!!!

Postby thecreeperscout » 27 Feb 2016 03:58

Lol, I love Mike. It's just like him to come back from the dead to send an email response. :lol:
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Re: Mike is not dead!!!

Postby Duecez » 22 Nov 2016 02:40

So, is the game alive again? Wildfire Worlds uploaded several gameplay videos to their YouTube channel within the last month, but they don't look like their from a new build.

Also, the banner on the main page of the site says "Alpha 2017."

Is Wildfire back?
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