The Internal Conflicts of Dot Product

I am Mike. I like video games. I like gameplay and tricky mechanics. Puzzle elements. Arcade twitch gloriousness.

He is James. He likes video games too… but only if he can break them and cheat. He doesn’t want game play… just “play”. Prod it. Rub it. Turn it upside down. Put it in the bath. etc.

This is Wildfire. A mini clockwork world with endless possibilities.

Me and James are not seeing eye to eye. Having been making video games for 15 years I’m filled with a sense of panic at the thought of making a game with no gameplay. James is horrified at the idea of making anything other then something you poke and laugh at.

We have decided to settle this via Sumo wrestling. Watch this space…


The Internal Conflicts of Dot Product — 1 Comment

  1. why don’t you guys just do both? why not have a sandbox and quest button selection on the menu? or you could solve the lack of game play by adding achievements; like kill off all the police officers before the nuclear plant destroys everything, or keep the society alive for a certain amount of time while still having it under utter anarchy.