Something from our Download menu, Sir? — 9 Comments

  1. I really liked the Simulator society. It runs smoothly on my machine up until I zoom out all the way, then it slows down just a bit but nothing to bad.

    My specs are
    1st gen i3 2.4
    Standard HD Intel graphics.
    4gbs ram.

    Also I found a bug. When I open of task manager, little black symbols of some sort scatter themselves across the screen of the sim.

      • could be where you place down a predator to run around the city hunting people but you can also place down aliens so they can fight! mean whilst any living people get worried and panicy because of rumors aliens and predators running around the city!

  2. Really impressed with the graphical style. I the simplicity looks like it will give great scalability whilst still looking modern and fresh.

    Blurring on the edging is a nice effect, although a little too strong for my taste (actually made me feel a bit queasy). So thank you for the option to turn it off!

    Noticed just one small bug. When the camera is zoomed out to max and moved around the screen jumps/shakes around. I guess this is to do with camera boundary’s on either extreme of the screen being wider than the map is allowing. So it bounces between then as the screen is moved and it detects it?

    Can’t wait for fuller demo, interesting game!

  3. It ran perfectly for me! I cant wait to see what this game has to offer, i can see it being a lot of fun 😀 Also, would i have permission to record some game play for YouTube when the fuller version releases?