Screen Shots

Once everything has been glued, painted and sprinkled with magic dust, we shove it in out computer, press some buttons, and….




Screen Shots — 3 Comments

    No im not that much of an idiot…
    Looks like its gonna be a great game!
    If it costs I am SOOO buying it!
    Hope you guyz enjoy making it! 😀

  2. I can envision a militaristic city with a massive army base at the center, when a single man emerging from the nearby hospital suddenly turns to a woman waiting at the crosswalk. He runs at her and begins taking chunks out of her arm. Next thing you know, you’ve got tanks rolling through the streets, helicopters in the air and napalm being dropped in the highly infected quarantine zones.
    Local citizens begin taking arms against the oppressive military, firing RPGs and AK-47s at their so called “protectors,” as a three way war erupts between the armed citizenry, the military, and the unfortunate souls caught by the plague that started it all.
    Just an idea 🙂