Petrochemicals… Gotta Love the Stuff!
With fire having made an appearance, it stands to reason petrol would follow. Because you simply cant have a proper riot without petrol. So, we’ve painstakingly crafted this wonderful little building.Run your little madmen through the forecourt to replenish your fuel supply. This is quite an event for us. This is the first building in Wildfire Worlds you *dont* want to tear to the ground. Petrol is your friend. You must cherish it, for it will bring you great warmth. It also paves the way for some Molotov fun… so expect some of that in the near future!
Moving on, we have… Fountains! Sounds real exciting, right? Well… it is. When you’re on fire it’s just about the most glorious thing you could ever ask for! After the cruelty of introducing fire and watching the paper people burn for a week or two, we’ve decided to do something for them. We are kind and loving gods. We don’t really want to kill them. Oh no. We want to burn them over and over again.

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