Petri Dish Fun! … and some nice press.

People ask us what Wildfire is all about. It’s a difficult question to answer. I like to refer to it as a “civil toybox”. I like to pretend its not all about disorder and carnage. “It’s a little toy town you can poke and laugh at”… I say. But after attempting to make a video highlighting some of the play on a small petri dish style level, it’s hard to argue… it *is* about disorder and carnage. The following level is part of the current alpha build and available to play to all free members. Grab the alpha and see if you can get rid of everybody and return the place to nature and tranquillity!

Pus, we’ve had some nice coverage today from one of our favoretest websites ever.

“It’s very interesting, this game: it gives you the tools to commit violence on a terrible scale, but then, abstraction aside, it won’t really let you shy away from the virtual consequences. It allows you to be creatively horrible, but then ensures you won’t forget how horrible your creativity has been. A few hours back, I’d found a truly brilliant tactic for gathering recruits, for example: I’d corner groups of pedestrians in a little cul-de-sac and then refuse to let them leave, steadily winning them all over to my cause by force. When I then wobbled off with a gang in tow in order to get back to that power station I was eager to kick to pieces, I realised the cul-de-sac was actually a quiet corner of a school playground.”

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