People are interested in our madness?

Unexpectedly, it seem’s there are individuals who share our vision of guilt free cruelty.

“If you’re going to be playing the game at five in the morning, bed sheets bunched around you and tea going cold on the nightstand, it’s going to be the sheer playfulness of the thing that’s hooked you in. It’s going to be the fact that you’ve been messing around for six hours straight, making things up as you go, and now you can’t quite pull yourself away. As long as that survives, Dot Product could be onto something special.”

“Whatever Wildfire becomes, we’re 100% guaranteed to be playing it when its released.”


We are warmed by this early support! Anybody else reading this that fancies doing a bit of gushing, you have our full permission. 🙂


People are interested in our madness? — 3 Comments

  1. This is awesome guys, can’t wait till the newer updates. Hate to make the mainstream comparison, but this is like early minecraft stage! In other words you’ll be big quick, just a little bit of internet word of mouth, and youtube publicity. Good luck and cheers!

    • If we do as well as Minecraft, we promise to re-invest all the squillions of dollar on a large warehouse, the best flamable materials money can buy and some quality explosives.

      They you’ll all see the madness James had in mind when he dreampt up Wildfire to begin with.

  2. Y’all should fallow minecraft in what it did, offer the game in alpha for very cheap then so on and so forth.