Our Obsession is Born!

After decades of graft, 23 tons of materials and 3000 paper-cuts… we have it! A small self contained slice of society we can experiment on without fear of prosecution. This prototype features 26 inhabitants. I know it might seem mean trapping the little people inside a glass box, but rest assured, we thoroughly lobotomised them before hand. As far as they are concerned, all is right in the world… Bless their little paper socks.

With this first step complete, our next step is expand into larger areas with more people and less lobotomising.


Our Obsession is Born! — 8 Comments

  1. This just looks so much fun. Please whatever you do with levels and the like let there be a proper open playground too!

  2. Looks and sounds great!

    Do you a have a rough-ish idea for the iPad release please?

    Re gameplay. Perhaps you could have sliders for tax rates and govt spending (split for fire, police and health) to send people into poll tax style rage or to quell unrest?

  3. @Matt
    No release dates as yet. I’m guessing we’ll have some kind of town demonstration running on the iPad pretty quickly, but a full game could be a fair distance away… assuming it can even be finished. If we have our way we’ll be working on this for the next 18 years.