Oi! I was gonna “inspire” her, you cheeky bastard.

Our Wildfire Words bankers are getting suspicious. They know something is looming and it’s not good… for them. And right they are too, the tossers. This morning, one cheeky individual made a run for it. Poor little sod had no idea of the horrors that awaited him at… the tables edge. *shudder *

Anyway, not only does this git try to escape… but he takes with him the best looking bit of cardboard you ever saw in your life. Remy took 6 weeks perfecting the pertness of her corners.

Lets see him outrun a Molotov…


Oi! I was gonna “inspire” her, you cheeky bastard. — 2 Comments

    • Awww yeah, zombie outbreaks.

      Would be fun if you could just control a car, and tell to run someone over or crash into a building, an rts like thing.