My Little Pony

Being unruly is no fun with out the ruly – its the ying and and the yang that makes them so spicey! I have been listening to too much Adam Buxton reading out comments from youtube… he’s in my head.

We are working on cops and low level naughty people!

Love you, bye!


My Little Pony — 10 Comments

  1. Awesome.Can’t wait for it to be fully implemented. Also, how much will it cost at release? Also, love the original style.

  2. Everybody knows those pesky Ponys are nothing but criminal riff-raff. Once our police can deal with people easy, they will be coming for the Ponys.

    Failing that, burning down a MLP factory can be easily arranged.

  3. If you start charging when interaction is added, will all updates thereafter the payment be free? Thanks c:

    • Absolutely. 🙂

      We may have some special senario packs later on. We havent decided how thats going to work. But yes, if you pay once, all updates to the original game will be free.