Guy Fawkes… What A Man!

Guy  would have loved it in Wildfire Worlds. He would have won. We would have made sure of it.

Not only won… but won magnificently. He would have garnered a cult following. Inspired our little square victims to embrace the flame. Hold it close to their low grade paper bodies. Burn slowly and sing about it as they go. That’s how a man like Guy Fawkes would roll in Wildfire Worlds.

Knowing full well our labs are not quite ready for full on fire effects, especially after the last “incident”…. we decided to not give a shit and release the fire gene into the world once again, in memory of the great man himself, Guy Fawkes.


Oh dear…


Guy Fawkes… What A Man! — 13 Comments

  1. Haha! I like the idea of having holiday themed adventures, even if someone rp’s them themselves. Riots at Christmas because there’s no more XL Miniature Pocket iPads? Arsonists at the Easter Bunnys factory for not giving enough chocolate? Uprising because Valentines Day makes us lonely people feel shit? Oh the possibilities :’)

  2. Catholic priests going mental and smashing up the Vatican because somebody de-programmed their collection of small boys? 😀

    Too much?

  3. I suppose it WOULD cause mass hysteria :L Car crashes across the world ass all sat nave update to apple maps D: oh the horror…