Does Paper Burn in the Future? Sure looks like it to me… I’m sure we’ll give it a jolly good go!Here are some designs for a futuristic terrace house. Made from 100% cheapo paper and totally flammable or your money … Continue reading

Wildfire Has Been Steam Greenlit! Hello all! Its been a while. We just received message today from Valve that Wildfire Words has been Steam Greenlit! Yay!What does this mean? It means we can get our game into the Steam Early … Continue reading

Steam Greenlight We have submitted Wildfire to Steam Greenlight. Getting on Steam is important for many reasons. Mainly because Steam is *the* place for PC games.   If you like Wildfire and have a Steam account, please show us your … Continue reading

Chicago… Here We Come! Here’s some of the early artwork for the 1930s Chicago theme! Thats right… stupid hats, tommy guns, gangs, prostitutes and rampant alcoholism. The perfect setting for a lovely riot!      … Continue reading

Petrochemicals… Gotta Love the Stuff! With fire having made an appearance, it stands to reason petrol would follow. Because you simply cant have a proper riot without petrol. So, we’ve painstakingly crafted this wonderful little building.Run your little madmen through the forecourt to … Continue reading

We Bring the Heat Once Again Fresh out of the Wildfire cauldron, we have released v0.033. With it come some fun new bits. We have worked on fire some more. You now have to earn the good stuff by smashing … Continue reading

Burn London… Buuuurn!

Great Scott we’ve done it! In the latest alpha build ( v0.030 ) Pre-order customers now have flames glorious flames! Fireproofing the tabletop proved to be rather tricky. As was convincing the pieces of cardboard that the hot stuff wont … Continue reading

My Little Pony

Being unruly is no fun with out the ruly – its the ying and and the yang that makes them so spicey! I have been listening to too much Adam Buxton reading out comments from youtube… he’s in my head. We are working on … Continue reading