Burn London… Buuuurn!

Great Scott we’ve done it! In the latest alpha build ( v0.030 ) Pre-order customers now have flames glorious flames! Fireproofing the tabletop proved to be rather tricky. As was convincing the pieces of cardboard that the hot stuff wont hurt. Too bad for them. It’s in there now and it’s staying there. Grab it now from your members area.

It’s early days for fire. We’ve just got it all wired up and are having fun watching everything burn. We’ve set up a special fire level and given you a supply of the good stuff to play with. Please experiment. Tell us what you think via the forums. This is only the first stage… get stuff to burn and fire to spread. Next is adding a Fire Service and various environmental objects that work with fire. For example a water fountain… which we we’re going to put in there right now, but decided to wait a while. We wanted to watch the screaming little flaming rectangles running around with nowhere to go… for just a little longer.

Also in the update is an in-game auto patcher. So from here on, hopefully you wont need to keep downloading the full aplha with every update.

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