Horrible stuff, electricity. It hurts. It smells. Well, at least it does when forced upon acrylic compounds. But, we are making progress. Behold the  beginnings of a magnificent power station!

Ok… it’s a bit of a mess. But who gives a toss. It works! And by the time we move our little lab rats in, all the messy dangerously unstable stuff will be tucked away under the table, well out of sight. The little sheepies don’t really need to know how close they are to combusting at any moment.

… Sounds like a conversation I once overheard at a Bilderberg meeting.


People are interested in our madness?

Unexpectedly, it seem’s there are individuals who share our vision of guilt free cruelty.

“If you’re going to be playing the game at five in the morning, bed sheets bunched around you and tea going cold on the nightstand, it’s going to be the sheer playfulness of the thing that’s hooked you in. It’s going to be the fact that you’ve been messing around for six hours straight, making things up as you go, and now you can’t quite pull yourself away. As long as that survives, Dot Product could be onto something special.”

“Whatever Wildfire becomes, we’re 100% guaranteed to be playing it when its released.”


We are warmed by this early support! Anybody else reading this that fancies doing a bit of gushing, you have our full permission. 🙂

The Internal Conflicts of Dot Product

I am Mike. I like video games. I like gameplay and tricky mechanics. Puzzle elements. Arcade twitch gloriousness.

He is James. He likes video games too… but only if he can break them and cheat. He doesn’t want game play… just “play”. Prod it. Rub it. Turn it upside down. Put it in the bath. etc.

This is Wildfire. A mini clockwork world with endless possibilities.

Me and James are not seeing eye to eye. Having been making video games for 15 years I’m filled with a sense of panic at the thought of making a game with no gameplay. James is horrified at the idea of making anything other then something you poke and laugh at.

We have decided to settle this via Sumo wrestling. Watch this space…

Our Obsession is Born!

After decades of graft, 23 tons of materials and 3000 paper-cuts… we have it! A small self contained slice of society we can experiment on without fear of prosecution. This prototype features 26 inhabitants. I know it might seem mean trapping the little people inside a glass box, but rest assured, we thoroughly lobotomised them before hand. As far as they are concerned, all is right in the world… Bless their little paper socks.

With this first step complete, our next step is expand into larger areas with more people and less lobotomising.

James Loves to Touch Stuff

As part of the ever so complicated AI programming of Miles, there are certain mechanisms in place to avoid anything horrible happening. Like murder, death, kill. Even though the big red lever was clearly labelled “JAMES, DONT YOU F**KING TOUCH THIS!”… James did touch it and poisoned the AI with a dash of activism and rebellion.

Before James:After James: 

What happened? We don’t quite know. Nobody was paying attention untill it was too late. Further testing required. Needless to say… we liked the results!

Fecking Logistics


Here at Wildfire Worlds HQ we are always busy constructing new devices and contraptions to plonk in our wonderful toy world. No expense spared. But in this modern world of free trade ( apparently ) things go wrong once in a while. We were excited after unveiling a new Police van for the coppers of Wildfire. Being quite frugal ( tight asses ) is the name of the game, so when a bloke from Shymkent quoted us 22p per van we simply couldn’t refuse… that was 17 months ago…

However… we finally took delivery of our totally non recyclable toxic plastic vehicles. Tis a happy day!

Hmm… I wonder how well they burn…