Banners? … Wassat all about then?

In the current alpha, the banners are quite rudimentary. A piece of card stuck to half a matchstick. Although, we thought long and hard about what to put on them. We decided on a small selection of letters that formed some relevant words. For example, “kucf”.

But, long term, we have more elaborate designs in mind for the banners. Colourful flags being the obvious choice. Plus some messages to the opposing forces of Wildfire Worlds. Messages of defiance, rebellion, freedom… and a whole lot of stabbing at anything we at Dot Product get annoyed by regularly.

How do banners affect gameplay? Banners get put up as any group under your control grows. Nothing gets a rebellion going like a good banner! Your mob will be faster. Kick harder. Shout louder! The larger the mob, the more banners, the funkier the action. If your numbers dwindle or you stop being hands on with them, the banners fall, and with them the perks they bring.

In a nutshell…. Banners rock! If you want them, then get a bigger posse bro.

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