Almost Time to Release the Hounds!

We bring you good news, fellow anarchists! We have pencilled in January 11th 2013 as the release date for the paid alpha.


Price? We are planning a tier system with 4 or 5 levels. The price for tier 1 will be $15. We are as yet undecided on the perks for each tier. All will be clear by the 11th.

All levels will provide access to the game in it’s current alpha state and all updates from then on. We will also be sharing development test levels and hope to discuss progress with the players via a private forum exclusively for paid users.

What will be in the alpha? Finally the chance to ruin the little town you’ve been admiring in the tech demo… or at least, trying to. No burning to begin with, but carnage none the less. From then on, we plan to update often and build on the systems already in pace. We cant wait to show you all the fun stuff we have planned!

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